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We can tell you all day that we’re awesome. That we treat you like family and genuinely want to help our members. That our mission of people over profits, relationships over revenue and community over credit score is what we live by and what drives us daily… But it’s always more meaningful to hear it right from our members, so we’ll let a few of them speak for us.

"I've had a membership with Allegan Credit Union since 2002. When I needed to buy a car and my credit score wasn’t where it needed to be, they still worked with me and I was still able to get a vehicle loan with a co-signer. Recently, I redid my loan with them after 2 and half years. I was able to get approved on my own, with a way lower rate and term because they helped me build up my credit. Allegan Credit Union had my back because they really want to help people and your relationship with them matters. I am proud to be a member of Allegan Credit Union!"

“The Budget Benchmark program forced me to be honest with myself. It put things right in front of me and allowed me to get a handle on some items that were not being dealt with effectively. It helped me lay out both short- and long-term goals and gave me a good look at the ‘big’ picture. Ronda was great to work with, easy to talk to and provided great alternatives that have already put me on a better path financially.”

“I highly recommend the [Budget Benchmark program]. Ronda is amazing to work with, she is very friendly and does not judge anyone’s situation.

You see, years ago my husband suggested we go to our local credit union, and finally someone was there to help me understood my situation. Since then we have been members of Allegan Credit Union and to be honest it was the best move we have ever made. I love walking in here and knowing that every employee knows my name and every employee is so helpful to me. For me it’s very calming. I’ll always come to this credit union. I love Allegan Credit Union!”

“I am so thankful to be a member of Allegan Credit Union. I borrowed a loan from them and also purchased their GAP insurance as well. That was probably the smartest decision I ever made. I never had a car accident and figured it wouldn’t happen, but I wanted to stay safe just in case. I ended up getting in my first car accident a month after picking up my new 2011 Malibu. The car ended up being totaled. The insurance company only paid off so much and told me I owed over a grand. Luckily I had GAP. GAP took care of the rest and even took a grand off of my new car. If I never purchased GAP I would’ve been in debt and probably wouldn’t have been able to go to college. I am so thankful for choosing Allegan Credit Union and am glad to be a part of their family!”

“I have been a member of Allegan Credit Union for over 20 years. It honestly is the service that keeps me here. I am not a number—I am a face and a name. The staff is A++ and top notch. I do believe they honestly care, not only for myself, but for all members.”

"Some time ago, I lost my job due to injury at work and for 9 months had no income whatsoever. Bills started piling up while I was waiting to win the lawsuit against worker’s comp. Once I won, I immediately got caught back up on my bills, yet bad times take a while to come off a credit report. When I came to Allegan Credit Union with less than perfect credit, they worked with me, gave me a small loan and put me back on a path to build my credit back up. Today my credit is right back to where I need it to be".
-Suzanne, Allegan Credit Union Member

“I was trying to get my life back on track and Allegan Credit Union helped me figure things out. They create such a down to Earth, personal experience – they’re just awesome. I felt warm sitting with them. I also love how the parameters of the YouTurn loan help you get into a reliable car that will last. I was expecting a car way older.
I love them, period”.
— Donald B. - Allegan Credit Union Member

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